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Samples of Our Work

What exactly does the phrase "from start to a CD Master finish" really mean?

We can take your basic melody and lyrical idea like a seed and help it grow into a complete, professionally arranged production. Whether you sing your song onto a tape acapella, or provide some basic instrumental accompaniment, we will add all of the necessary embellishments to turn your song into a radio-worthy master. Our many years of experience in the business allow us to cover a wide variety of musical styles.

Here are some examples of our work:

Sample 1: before after -- Mad Money
Sample 2: before after -- Rise Of The Machine
Sample 3: before after -- The Pizza Song Before
Sample 4: before after -- Call The Nations
Sample 5: before after -- I've Been Delivered
Sample 6: before after -- Johnnies Eyes
Sample 7: before after -- Play & Win
Sample 8: before after -- Break My Heart

You can come to Luna Sound to record your own vocal over the finished instrumental track, or we can provide either a male or female vocalist suitable for the desired musical genre.

We are also recognized in the industry for our outstanding videography work.